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Who We Serve 

CLERE Inc provides legal advice and related consultant services to local government and private businesses, including trade associations, for-profit corporations, and non-profit organizations.  Our services range from contract negotiation, drafting and review, regulatory permitting for any level of government, regulatory compliance issues and legislative advocacy.  We have 15 years of experience working with local government; so whatever the role you need us to play as you interact with government, we are ready to help.  For references from clients, please inquire.

Contracts for Services 

 CLERE Inc can provide your organization services through a contract that describes expectations and rates.  This is the best choice for clients who would like CLERE Inc to work on a specific short term project, or who have less than ten hours a month of projected legal needs.  We work closely with you to develop an arrangement that works for your group. 


Retainer Agreements

If your organization can utilize legal services over ten hours a month for at least six months, a retainer agreement may be the best tool for you.  CLERE Inc recognizes the value of a contract guarantee, and so it offers significant discounted rates for clients who enter into these agreements.  Please inquire for more information.