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At the Legislature 

-Spring 2018

Currently, there are many bills being considered that relate to prescribed fire as a tool to improve forest health.  Additionally, AB 2208 is a bill that will ensure that base load power, like biomass to energy, will play a more prominent role in the State's RPS program.  CLERE Inc. is working with many partners to develop good outcomes within this year's crop of legislative bills.


Fighting for Biomat (SB 1122)

On march 22, 2018 the California public utility commission passed Resolution E-4922.  This resolution ordered PG&E and the other IOU's to issue Biomat contracts and continue implementing the program.   PG&E has expressed resistance to the state concerning this direction.  CLERE Inc. will be working with a broad spectrum of partners to encourage PG&E to comply with State law and sound environmental policy.  PG&E must issue Biomat contracts by April 23, 2018 and file Advice Letters by May 7, 2018.

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