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 Since 2010 Christiana has been working with the California Public Utilities Commission, with an emphasis on small scale projects utilizing Feed In Tariff programs, and the associated issues related to the interconnection of these projects onto the grid, including analysis of Electricity Rule 21. As an original contributor to the BioMat program legislation (Rubio, SB 1122), Christiana has an ongoing practice in this arena. She also regularly participates in the California Energy Commission activities, including EPIC grant program solicitations.

Air Quality Agencies 

CLERE Inc is actively involved in the Governor's Tree Mortality Task Force providing pro bono legal services to Cal Fire and other state agencies; including both the biomass utilization and regulations committees. See the Cal Fire Website for more information, and for additional information about forest health and biomass to energy, see the Sierra Nevada Conservancy web site here.

A holistic Approach to renewable energy

and land use development

CLERE Inc represents Placer and Northern Sonoma Air Districts, and has been involved with drafting comments to the California Air Resources Board, including on the current draft Scoping Plan and the Short Lived Climate Pollutant Plan, and continues to also represent private sector development of carbon offset credits for the cap and trade program, and voluntary market credit development..​

Christiana is a founding Board member of the Bioenergy Association of California(BAC). BAC helps educate the public about the greenhouse gas emissions related to methane from organic waste and black carbon from wildfire.  BAC also provides a forum to discuss the reduction of petroleum based fertilizers through the use biochar, biosolids and digestate, which are by products of bioenergy production that can be used as organic soil amendments. ​

The California Tree Mortality Crisis

Christiana Darlington Esq.

​A native of South Lake Tahoe, Christiana has a longstanding dedication to innovations that respect our forests and other natural resources. Her career in law began when she clerked for the Alaska Court System, and then served as a Deputy County Counsel in both Mono and Placer Counties, where she worked with the California Environmental Quality Act and sat as counsel for Planning Commissions. She also served as a City of Sacramento as Code Enforcement Deputy City Attorney, and has worked for and with numerous government agencies. Comfortable in urban, suburban and rural communities, she understands the local government perspective, and is dedicated to the integration of small scale distributed generation of renewable power throughout California, with an emphasis on bioenergy projects.

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